‘Put Up Your Dukes!’

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Apr 082015

One of Amazon’s top classical reviewers, Ralph Lockwood, declares a winner:

[Violinist Elmira] Darvarova conquers all the challenges like a true “Champ.” Muhammed Ali’s famous boast to “float like a butterfly [so many suave and elegant moments!] and sting like a bee” (when punch and intensity are required) would be an apposite analogy.
This is a sheer KNOCKOUT performance!!
Come on all you Concertmasters out there: start twisting your conductors’ collective arms and batons to program this voluptuous and engaging concerto. There is an audience hungry for this music.

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Vernon Duke

Violin Concerto (1940-41)1
Sonata in D for violin and piano (1948-49)2
Etude for violin and bassoon3
Hommage to Offenbach2
Capriccio Méxicano2

Elmira Darvarova, violin

Scott Dunn, 1conductor and 2piano
1ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien
3Kim Laskowski, bassoon

Produced by Elmira Darvarova, Scott Dunn, and Erich Hofmann
Executive producres: Kay Duke Ingalls and Gene Gaudette
Co-executive producer: Nancy Burgin

Urlicht AudioVisual UAV-CD-5990