“Unlike any other recording of the Brahms Piano Concerto No. 1… you’ve ever heard”

“Abas pretty much is calling the shots here, and what he produces is unlike any other recording of the Brahms Piano Concerto No. 1 in D minor, Op. 15, you’ve ever heard. You can dive in pretty much anywhere, but try the opening movement, where Abas careens through startling contrasts, imperious gestures, and generally extreme phrasing. You might object that this isn’t Brahms, but rather Liszt experimenting with a slightly more classical approach to form. Yet Abas is clearly a highly charismatic player, and there is absolutely no possibility of boredom here.”
— James Manheim, All Music Guide

Brahms: Piano Concerto No.1 in d minor, Op. 15

  1. Maestoso–Poco piu moderato (22:28)
  2. Adagio (13:11)
  3. Rondo (11:59)

Elisha Abas, piano
National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba
Yoel Gamzou, conductor

Recorded December 9, 2009.
Produced and engineered by Andrea Tommasi.
Special thanks to Simona DeFeo, whose hard work and assistance made this recording possible.
Art direction: Andre Hilz
Copyright 2009, Elisha Abas. Issued by Urlicht AudioVisual under license from Elisha Abas.


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Elisha Abas Plays Chopin & Yedidia

“Elisha Abas is an absolutely fearless musician. His daring approach to music of the Romantic era recalls many stylistic touches of the great pianists of the early 20th century — Ignaz Friedman, Josef Hofmann, and of course Elisha’s first great mentor, the legendary Artur Rubinstein — but who finds the poignancy and poetry that speaks to a turbulent world and culture. His uncanny ability to communicate directly with his audience through music and talent for honing in on the emotional and expressive underpinnings of music led me to invite him to record for Urlicht AudioVisual. I am very proud of my association with and am humbled by the talent of this great artist.”

— Gene Gaudette, Managing Partner, Urlicht AudioVisual

UAV-5997 CoverChopin: Mazurka in B-flat Major, Op. 7 No. 1
Chopin: Mazurka in a minor, Op. 7 No. 2
Chopin: Mazurka in f minor, Op. 7 No. 3
Chopin: Mazurka in a minor, Op. 17 No. 4
Chopin: Mazurka in g minor, Op. 24 No. 1
Chopin: Mazurka in b minor, Op. 33 No. 4
Chopin: Mazurka in a minor, Op. 67 No. 4
Chopin: Mazurka in a minor, Op. 68 No. 2
Chopin: Polonaise in c-shapr minor, Op. 26
Yedidia: Waltz No. 1 in e minor (World Premiere)
Yedidia: Waltz No. 3 in a minor (World Premiere)
Yedidia: Waltz No. 21 in a minor “dedicated to Frederic Chopin”(World Premiere)
Chopin: Waltz in b minor, Op. 69 No. 2
… plus a Bach bonus track!

Elisha Abas, piano

Produced by Gene Gaudette
Engineered by Patrick LoRe
Recorded live, February and April 2011, Klavierhaus, New York City

Urlicht AudioVisual UAV-5997

CD re;ease date: January 29, 2013

Elisha Abas Plays Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 1

Elisha Abas, the great-grandson of Alexander Scriabin, is emerging as one of the most original and daring pianists of his generation. His individualistic approach to Brahms‘ First Piano Concerto eschews convention for a musical experience influenced and informed by the pianism of a century ago, the height of Romantic virtuoso interpretation personified by Friedman, Hofmann and Godowsky. Accompanied by rising podium star Yoel Gamzou and the National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba in the first appearance of a Cuban classical ensemble on an American label in six decades, Abas’s recording sheds new persective on a warhorse of the concerto repertoire

Brahms: Piano Concerto No. 1

  1. Maestoso–Poco più moderato (22:29)
  2. Adagio (13:12)
  3. Rondo. Allegro non troppo (12;00)

Elisha Abas, piano
National Symphoy Orchestra of Cuba
Yoel Gamzou, conductor

Recorded December 9, 2009
Produced and engineered by Andrea Tommasi

Urlicht AudioVisual UAV-5999

CD release date: August 14, 2012