Dec 212012

The New York Times praises the new recording of Luigi Nono’s La lontananza nostalgica utopica futura with violinist Miranda Cuckson and electronica master Richard Burns as “One of the Year’s Best New Classical Recordings”:

“Played with assured mystery by the accomplished Miranda Cuckson, Luigi Nono‘s 1988-89 work swerves from ethereal to violent and back again. The violinist interacts with previously taped material, including both her own playing and studio sounds, and wanders during a live performance, a spatial element captured in the surround-sound version on one of the discs in this set. At times Ms. Cuckson even sings, hauntingly — a part of the score seemingly ignored by previous interpreters.”
Zachary Woolfe, The New York Times

Luigi Nono: La lontananza nostalgica utopica futura (1988-89)
Miranda Cuckson, violin / Christopher Burns, electronics

Produced by Christopher Burns and Richard Warp
Recording engineer: Richard Warp
Recorded at A Bloody Good Record Inc, Long Island City NY
Mixing engineer (stereo CD): Richard Warp
Mixing engineers (DTS 5.1 surround mix): Paul Special and Richard Warp
Assistant mixing engineer (DTS 5.1 surround mix): Dillon Pajunas
DTS 5.1 surround mix produced at Sonic Arts Center, CCNY, NYC
Produced for New Spectrum Recordings, NYC
Executive producer: Glenn Cornett

Urlicht AudioVisual UAD-5992

CD plus Blu-Ray Audio for home theater systems — available at

CD plus DTS-CD for home theater systems — available here.

Lossless FLAC download — available here.

MP3 download — available here.

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